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"Sosei Interview Series"

(20230914) We were featured in the "Sosei Interview Series."

I thought that my experiments, especially the experiment using real sewage, would not be picturesque at all, but the photographer's skills were amazing. The world I see is actually the whole world. The writing is also light and easy to read. I think I talked about some pretty dark things in the interview, but those parts are handled well. With both the photos and the writing, it might be a good idea to move away from the subject a little and change your perspective in various ways to depict it from a good angle.

By the way, sewage treatment experiments are water treatment experiments, but they are also a battle against the solids contained in the water. "Solids in sewage". Some people may feel sick just thinking about it. But let's calm down. In the natural material cycle, these solids are destined to be purified and eventually become inorganic. There are many things around us that have such a fate, aren't there? Beautiful flowers, delicious food, and even our own bodies. When we look at sewage, we are full of preconceived ideas. It is natural that there are dirty and dangerous things in it, but our aversion to them is so strong that we cannot look at it with an open mind. But if we are trying to approach it scientifically, that is not the way to go.

Well, the title of the interview is "Old Bug Catcher Boy". That bug-catcher boy is still going strong. The other day, I caught a hornet that had gotten into a graduate student's room and let it go outside. When I first found it, it was stuck to the ceiling and showed no signs of moving. Overnight, it had disappeared somewhere, but when I looked closely, I found it on the floor. It seemed to be quite weak, so I was able to catch it by putting a cup over it. I blocked the opening of the cup with paper, took it to the balcony, and after making sure it didn't seem to have any hostility towards me, I opened the lid and it flew off into the sky.

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