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Microbial ecology, sewer processes, and sustainable water and wastewater management


Further improvement of public health is desired because of a great concern about infectious diseases over the recent years. Monitoring and safety assessment of various pathogens in water environment, water supply and sewerage systems will be necessary going forward.

We are studying on microbial safety assessment in water environment and water supply and sewerage systems, and wastewater-based epidemiology targeting enteric viruses. The development such as comprehensive detection methods of pathogens and indicators of microbial contamination is one of the objectives in our studies. We are also working on water and sanitation problems in developing countries. Case studies, e.g., monitoring microbial contamination in groundwater and evaluation of water treatment systems, are carrying out to improve the water supply systems in the countries.


Shinobu Kazama

Associate Professor

Socio-Cultural Environmental Studies




2008 :: Master (Division of Life Sciences, Ochanomizu Univ.)

2011 :: Doctor (Division of Life Sciences, Ochanomizu Univ.)


:: Environmental virology

:: Environmental and sanitary engineering

:: Water and sanitation

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